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Stand Out and Shout

web design : Create back links to your website and gain authority and respect from search engines.  Use our free service to join the geo-marketing and business service for free. Increase your website presence on search engines, social media networks and forums and generate leads


At AMDrecords we do value our clients’ success and that is why we try to understand their needs and goals first. There are many reasons a company will want to adhere to our web design services and have a website created or have a new look.

The web design services give answer to these problematic situations and needs:

  • Display company contacts and information on their site
  • Sell products
  • Increase Human Resources
  • Build a brand awareness
  • Increase a business annual revenue through an electronic commerce
  • Scalability by CMS for blog, e-commerce, social media
  • Target a business plan in one geographic area

Companies that care for their image in the real world do also care about a nice website and its functionality. A company that invests in innovation always have a nice upgraded and good looking functional website.

Remember your website represents your brand and is the first key for your business success in internet marketing. The impression your website gives to your audience will determine your business success.Use our web design services to stand out and shout! 

Understanding your business

Web design services Directory listingsUnderstanding your business makes it easy to choose the right tools and platform of CMS or programming language that can help boost your activity and opening ways for future progress in its capability. We create websites that will score for user accessibility, search engines friendly, mobile phone, tablets and other screen sizes. Our reputation comes from your business growth through our hard work. We do investigate on your business to detect your direct competitors, and this takes you one step ahead in applying a business strategy to the new website footprinting. Web Design Services at AMDrecords is a team work that involve marketing specialists, graphic designers, programmers and an analysts  team.  We keep your business information private and secret  whilst the project is been developed.

Designing the website

AMDrecords is here to help you rock through the World Wide Web ( W3 ) and no matter what your goals are, our web design services team will  make sure you get there. AMDrecords will deliver you a website right from the box capable of meeting all SEO recommendation scorings and compatible for all device and media. We make sure your design conforms to our Web design services list:

  • Image size and compression for speed loading
  • Choice of colors to match your logo
  • The texts and fonts in size
  • The loading time of pages
  • User friendly navigation through the site
  • Directory structure for search engine crawl
  • Good title, heading tags building
  • Tags and meta tags conformations
  • Look and feel
  • Scalability

  • Market research
  • Geo targeting
  • Understand your company philosophy
  • Content suitable for both search engines and human
  • Translation in many languages

AMDrecords has first turned its hobby into work so whatever we do is  done from the heart and any challenge is seen as a way of gaining experience. Try our Web design services and you will not regret.

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