web design for all screen sizes

Web Design for all screen sizes

Design a website that suits all devices and screen sizes such as desktop computer tablet and mobile phone is now a must. To find the right web design company capable of designing and maintaining the overall site look and feel in all screen sizes can be challenging. Web design for all screen sizes is called responsive web design. Make sure you are not cut out from your competitors, get an all screen sizes design for your website. Does your company have a design for all media and screen size capability? Don’t be penalised by search engines?

Why a company will ever want to have a web design for all screen sizes? 

Having a web designed for all screen sizes is a step ahead from your competitors that will be losing a ranking for mobile devices therefore being penalised by google. The picture below demonstrates how a website with the responsive design (web design for all screen sizes) capability is shown from google search result page. Web design for all screen sizes can only increase your online business giving you a step ahead from your competitors. web design for all screen sizes Directory listingsThe bounce rate.

When people navigate to your website and automatically exit without visiting other pages or spend more than 30 seconds in your site, that  increases your bounce rate alerting search engines that your content is not valuable to humans.  Many times a bad web design for all screen types can lead to this scenario. Do you know why people get off your page in less than 30 seconds? Some of the reasons can be this:

  • Improper content inherent to the page title or description
  • Improper font and size
  • Improper background image or background colour
  • Poor page design
  • Poor user experience

The bad side of it is your company is losing lots of its potential customers and business growth and limiting the best way to increase the online business. A good web design agency should start a new design that includes the responsive facility which is Web design for all screen sizes.

The conversion rate

Anytime we use our mobile phone to search for something, the reason might be that we need some information immediately in most of the cases. The next action that follows our search is to react by making a phone call or find a company’s address or direction to its location. This is what AMD Web-Services ( Web Design Agency ) call a conversion. A search term that brings the user to your website and then transforms that action to a transaction is what every company is after.

How is your website? Does it convert? Does your design conform to the web design for all media which converts all your visitors to a successful customers?

Search Engine ranking

  When we search for a term on search engines we expect to have a tangible result, and that is what search engines do. There is no search engine that will put your page in first top results page SERP (Search Engine Result Page ) if people don’t like your content. Google, Bing and other search engine firms are there for business too and compete among themselves. What they offer is the return of expected search result a user searched for. That is why search engines do their best indexing websites according to the pages content relevance. With this observation in place: ask yourself if your company website is designed for all screen size and fall into the web design for all media criteria?

Remember: for people to find your page it has to be present in search results SERP and for it to be there it must have a good SEO and a good Search Engine Optimisation must  lead to a conversion. When you have a web page that many visitors like spending their time on, sharing its content and even bookmarking it, then it is likely that your page will gain a special place in the search engine index. When you have a fresh page that is designed with a difference and has a SEO plan right from the development of the website template the chance for that page to appear in first search results is assured because search engine know people like it.

Cost and time keeping

Some benefits for a web design for all screen sizes the Responsive Design are:

  • Reduce cost:  the cost of having many designs for each device is reduce to one unique design.
  • Reduced maintenance time: it is obvious to have one content that serves all different kind of media devices than have to create many contents leading to time consuming.
  • User experience: a visitor to your website does not have to zoom and shrink, scroll left and right to read your content. Remember those searching on internet are impatient, they will not waste their time. “You are not the only one on the internet presenting the same product or article that they searched for.”
  • Increase conversion ratethere is no way round this that your content or product  reaching many people from many devices sizes and a well crafted page with a call to action will certainly increase conversion rate of your business.
  • Google friendly: your pages will be approved by google indicating your website is mobile friendly. You can test your website for mobile test design.



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