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At AMD Web-Services.Ltd, we combine SEO  the acronym of Search Engine Optimization and SEM  for Search Engine Marketing to bring your business to a high level according to your budget. We do not make miracles but do apply marketing rules, experience and techniques, bounding to Search Engines firms regulations to boost your business. We promote websites by increasing their visibility in search results, internet marketing making it more competitive among your competitors.

We are interested in getting our hands dirty right away by giving you a taste of what we can do for your business. You have nothing to lose by adding your company to our free trial marketing program.

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What is  Search Engine Optimization – SEO?  

Search Engine Optimization Directory listings
The SEO is free and stands for Search Engine Optimization – a placeholder in search results – a company can have, according to the quality and accuracy of information of its web page contents. It is free and any website can have it for free. As a starting point of any efficient search engine marketing, it is ideal to have a good content optimization to appear in organic search result.

What is Search Engine Marketing – SEM?

The SEM is where a company has to pay to be placed in search engine’s query result. This is a bid and the process does not need a variation in website content. You pay for a campaign with either Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Tripadvisor, etc, to be placed in their SERPs ( search engine results ) in an (accurate position depending on many factors) category in the search results page.

To gain from your campaign we, at AMD Web-Services.Ltd first try to access your business to  make sure we allocate your website in the right category.

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