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Search Engines

Search engines are business firms and they differ one from another in various aspects but having one Common Denominator “Return Search Results.” Those results are driven by:

  • Links (outbound – inbound – references)
  • Content accuracy (topic – argument)
  • Load Speed and many other factors

It does not matter how you get in the results, your presence in search results indicates that you have passed and been accepted by search engines and this is what we offer here.

We give you a page to add your own content and link it to one or more of your web pages. You don’t have time or do not have the knowledge to do it by yourself, we can help you for free.


To survive a spider lays down a sort of net to trap their preys. The chance of successful hunting increases with the size of the net, bigger the net is the chance to catch more preys.

The World Wide Web works the same as the spiderweb in a natural way. The connection between your documents through a text and Url with other websites adds a thread to your net , hence, increases the chance of your visibility. Promoting your business is just as adding a connection to your web pages through a Uniform Resource Locators (URL) and text link (Hypertext Link). More connections you create, happy will be search engines because they find so many  threads (links) to your web pages. Promote your business by adding your website to our business listing database, will give you the chance to add a thread to the spider net.

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