Custom Web Design

Custom web Design – Development

The key reason a company will require a custom web design and development is to renovate and adjust their business plan. A new Marketing Strategy, brand repositioning, new business plan or a company reorganisation can request some new integrations and functionality to a given corporate website.

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The need of each company varies and may opt for these solutions to meet their organisation business :

  • E-commerce Integration

A company might have come to a conclusion to add an online shop to increase sales and cut the business cost. A system that is opened 24/7 and that does not need a sales rep to end a transaction.

  • Direct Marketing

Email marketing system or campaign is another choice a company will ask to be implemented. An application that is capable to send automated emails to your clients, a mailing list for promotional purpose or just to build loyalty with them.

  • Dynamic Website

            Content management systems are also employed to make websites dynamic. This can be an application developed in different programming language such as Java, Microsoft Asp.Net, Perl, Php. The generation of web contents is made simple and automatically available to the audience after its publication.

  • Customer Relationship Management

A recommended system for small and big companies for handling and recording their interaction with every single client. The application helps to know better your customers to deliver to them the right product, keep track of their activity with your company, maximize marketing, loyalty.

  • Web Restyling

Redefine a company’s reputation for a brand re-positioning can be a reason a company might want to recreate, to redesign its website. Keeping the site’s ranking high and it’s inbound and outbound, links integrity is important to bear in mind before tackling this process. A web redesign should not penalized the hard achieved work  in the past. Our  web design team is her to assist  your business reach its goal.

  • Design for Devices

It has become a crucial need for companies to optimize their websites to work with various devices and platforms in today’s market. Making a website accessible for devices will increase a company business massively. Search engines are penalising websites without such functionality.

  • Social Media Networks

            Integrating social media application interfaces to share and communicate with your customers is a trend today, but how many know how to choose the right Social platform and how to channel the right content? This is where AMD Web Services comes in help by delivering your content to the right market creating leads and loyalty among your customers.

Our web design team can handle any challenge in web development scenario delivering the product to your expectations.

Create brand awareness

Create brand awareness

Knowing what makes your company unique from your competitors is a baseline on which to create brand awareness and build your brand proposition. Giving a clear definition, clear meaning, understanding what your audience find relevant, involving emotion is the starting point of positioning your brand. To create a brand awareness, there are some few observations that a company must make into consideration and follow to make its reputation. This brand building process explains the mechanism used by many companies during their online business strategy and planning.Directory listings

With the above statement, AMD Web-Services, believes the impact a website “design, content, usability” has on the audience sets their decision in becoming your customer. The first impact your website will have on your visitor can lead him to buy or take an action that returns valuable to you .

Speakers who talk about what life has taught them never fail to keep the attention of their listeners.

Product Orientation

A product-orientated company focuses on quality and the useful functionality the product has for the customer for its appreciation. They Create brand awareness delivering quality products that makes them unique from their competitors.

Products focus marketing: a choice that can be used to handover  products to the audience persuading the web surfer to buy it, and becoming your customer. In this case we focus  your products to the market adding a cross selling mechanism and delivering a premium price, building customer loyalty focussing deep into customer experiential value starting a way before transaction and after making you create brand awareness.

Market Orientation

To create brand awareness in the market orientation your company has to create a business model that focuses on delivering product designed to the customers expectations, needs and desires. Nothing is permanent and everything is subjected to change. AMD Web-Services helps convey exactly what people ( customers) are after and looking for. With the help of our marketing and geo-marketing specialists you will be advised on the right product to deliver to your website listeners if you want to create your brand awareness.

Experience Orientation

Managing your customers using a CRM ( customer relationship management ) helps companies forecast and analyse customer trends and behaviours to improve their overall experience with your firm. You know what they want and you give them what they need based on your experience with them, this helps you create brand awareness.

The use of certain social media helps you carry contents to the right audience such as Google+ which gives the opportunity to share your content to the right people just like in actual life. This is where you can use Dale Carnegie theory to catch your audience attention

The road to a person’s heart is to talk about things he or she treasures most

Our specialists in B2B and B2C marketing will help you streamline your products to the client expectation.

Trust Orientation

The trust orientation is also important factor employed to create brand awareness by prioritising and building a relationship of trust with the customer adopting discipline all the time. The trust you build with your customers is important when you show them how discipline you are.

AMD web agency, the marketing analysts specialists will look at your corporate website and get to its core potentials to determine which Marketing Strategy applies to your case that will improve create brand awareness.