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Ghana Rentals: Ghana Vacation Accommodation

A simple but stunning accommodation that will suit the business traveler or a family wanting a place to relax and yet be close to all the action. The house sits opposite a church in a very safe and communal environment. It is very easy to go into central Accra and surrounding areas of interest. The house is a minute walk from the main road where you can easily hail a taxi or a bus (known as tro-tro.) The university of Ghana is 10 minutes away in a car and certainly worth a visit.

The main shopping mall in Accra is a 15 minutes ride away. If relaxing and eating fresh lobsters and drinking cocktails by the beach is more to your taste, you have a choice of 3 beaches 45 to 60 minutes drive away. Be sure to watch a sunset at the beach -it’s breath-taking .

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A canoe crossing at Bojo beach is great fun if you are travelling with kids and don”t miss out on having a go on the jet skies. Alternatively try your hands at golfing 10 mins drive away from the house at the Achimota golf course. If you are pro golfer, a great opportunity to play with other professionals. Do you have a proclivity to charity work or volunteering in a community? In which case, you will find many places locally that will give you the opportunity to make a difference and enrich someone’s life as well as yours. The main road in Dome is lined with restaurants, bars, convenience shops, pharmacies, hairdressers, barbers , banks and Forex bureaus. The street is always alive at night and an interesting and safe place to walk .

Accra. For a primary time visitant , nothing quite prepares you for the hustle and bustle of capital of Ghana and on initial impression, you may either feel you’ve chosen a wrong place to go to or in some terribly strange dream that you just will shortly wake from.

Chill out. National capital Accra isn’t an area to be dotty a birds eye read, however actually needs associate open mind and a brave heart . Hot. Dusty . Busy. No pavements. Sorry that’s not entirely true , most of them area unit coated by little stalls mercantilism their wares from phone credits, to oranges, slippers, cold water and do not prohibit your imagination here as a result of something goes on the stalls of national capital. The majority of people “entrepreneurs” therefore don’t be perplexed the least bit if the woman mercantilism tomatoes hands you a card that reads ‘ Ama Serwah chief executive officer.’ Throws in additional free tomatoes than you’ll imagine and invitations you to her house to fulfill her family. Welcome to national capital. Most of the individuals area unit too friendly and desirous to assist you in any manner they’ll ( totally expecting a tip) however use caution, if you’re too generous you may draw a fantastic range of ‘helpers’ provide deficient or nothing and you may air your own mate.

Not deterred however, clearly not faint hearted, which ought to be your spirit after you see adults and kids freely wee weeing or piss or as they assert in Republic of Ghana urinating. On walls and places that clearly say ” please don’t urinate here.” Roads and therefore the most unthinkable of places , and Ohio affirmative you’ll even recede quickly after you realise somebody doing variety 2. Still with Maine ; you’re prepared for Africa. Republic of Ghana – national capital. Ohio what I lovingly check with as G H. (Oh my!

Let Maine conjointly prepare you for swear words or curses, that absolutely don’t mean what the Western world defines them as. So, you’ll imagine my shock , (having adult up in an exceedingly home wherever swearing is substitutable to am departure home and ne’er coming. ) after I left Dome a really} taxi and concerning three miles into my journey I witnessed a very angry and agitated time of life man on the facet of the road, screaming ” wherever is he, wherever is he? He ought to pray i do not notice him, If I notice him i’ll Fxxx him . I’ll Fxxx him correct, I’ll fxxx him like he has ne’er been fxxxed before. ” loosely translated, all he meant was , I’ll have a giant fight with him. As relieving because the interpretation clothed  to be, I used to be left shell aghast for the whole lot of my day.)if you’ll take care of all of the higher than, you may have a swell time in national capital. There area unit stunning beaches all around national capital and on the far side. exciting sunrise, glorious night life, safe neighbourhoods, UT1 ( African country mean time- a pair of, 3, 4hours behind. No apology. )

Iif you prove not be a typical tourer and permit your self to Brobdingnagian yourself in national capital ,I guarantee you may need to travel back once more and once more . For only a few places ( I even have not been anyplace. lol.) have the jeu ne se qua of this region. It’ s not your typical vacation destination , it is your unforgettable place to go to. stuffed with culture, history, haphazard design, associate infusion of village life and town life colliding and happy individuals all over.

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